Mai Lieu Good Neighbors

Volunteer at the Women's & Children's Shelter doing free cuts with the CreaClip!


Nails Magazine - 09/13/10
CreaClip Pro

Allows women to trim their bangs between
salon visits....


A Hairstylist On The Cutting Edge

With a snip here and a snip there, Mai Lieu will demonstrate her doit-yourself haircutting product, the CreaClip, on the Home Shopping Network for the second time in August.


Star Bulletin - 03/07/08
Sales clipping along

CreaClip was a hit on HSN. The home
hair-cutting guide invented by Honolulu
hairstylist Mai Lieu sold out during
her three appearances on HSN last week
and the shopping network has asked her
to return.


Celebrities love it!

On the move again with another invention soon to hit the market! Celebrity Bella Thorne, actress from HBO show"Big Love" stands next to her holding a package of her latest product!

RisQue by Mai Lieu


Star Bulletin - 10/16/09
Invention leads to award Nomination

Finalist for an international Stevie Award
for Women in Business.

"Best New Product of the Year"


New Product Show

Motivational Speaker
Transformational Life Coach


Star Bulletin -02/24/08
Mai lieu on HSN

Local inventor gets her big break on HSN
live on TV! "It's great for moms with kids,
anybody' she said.


Hawaii Red Magazine

RisQue by Mai Lieu
"lingerie for your feet" This new creation by Mai lieu adds a little something extra to the ensemble!


HSN Customer Ratings and Reviews
HSN Customer Reviews

5 star ratings
"I love this, I used it all over my hair and it


Product Review by:

I have cut my own hair! It was a really good feeling


Invention News- 10/18/08
Clipping Out Haircut Costs

In times of economic uncertainty, finding
small ways to cut costs is crucial...